Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a customer of SVN and my internet is not working, will pressing the reset button fix it?
ANO! Pressing the reset button on your router will erase important settings in your router and will not restore the internet service. Do not press the reset button unless you are instructed to do so by SVN personnel! See the troubleshooting page or call SVN at 760 445 5260 and we will troubleshoot with you.

Q: Do you have service in my area?
A: We have coverage in most of Ramona. Every house is a unique situation and if we have not had service to your location before then we will visit to determine if we can get it. In most cases we can see one of our transmitting stations. Call us to discuss it.

Q: Is there any up front cost?
A: Yes, the installation fee and a prorated monthly fee is to be paid by check, cash or card once the install is completed.

Q: How much does SVN internet service cost?
A: Installation fee is $125. (price may be increased if additional equipment is needed or additional time is needed over 2 hours.)
The 10 Mbps plan is $50 per month,20 Mbps/ $65 per month,30 Mbps/ $80 per month and 40 Mbps/ $95 per month.
(A pro-rated charge for the first month's service will be added at time of installation)

Q: Why is there an up front cost?
A: Unlike many other internet providers we do not have a contract and because of that we charge extra up front to pay for our operating costs which saves you headaches if you are needing or wanting to quit our service later.

Q: What is included for the $125 setup fee?
A: Sky Valley Network will provide the transmitter, up to 100' of Cat5e cable and all electrical connections for one computer or router hookup. Almost every installation can be solved with this set of equipment. Some installations may require some additional lengths of wire or unusual power solutions and we will charge more for that. Sky Valley Network will also configure a wireless router and help connect your devices in your house if you have provided the wireless router(Sky Valley Network does not provide a router). Additional installation assistance can be provided by Sky Valley Network for $60/hr.

Q: How do you bill customers?
A: We send out monthly statements by email.

Q: What types of payment do you take?
A: We accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal and venmo. Mailing a check each month is common. Many customers setup automatic bill pay through their banks or through us. We also have a yearly payment plan which gives a 10% discount but will not lock you into a yearly commitment!

Q: How can I pay my bill online?
A: Go to our "payment" page. Setting up a payment online with with your bank is another option.

Q: Do you offer automatic withdrawal from a bank or credit card?
A: We can setup automatic credit card withdrawals on a monthly or yearly basis at your request. Call us to have this setup. Single bank withdrawals can be done using PayPal.  You can setup automatic bill pay through your bank for your desired pay interval and a check will be mailed to us by your bank.

Q: Do you take paypal payments?
A: We do accept paypal payments. Go to our "payment" page.

Q: What are "Mbps"?
A: Mbps is short for "Megabits per second" which is a standard measurement of data speeds. Internet services commonly reference "Mbps" requirements.

Q: Is this as fast as cable, dsl or u-verse?
A: We are comparable to DSL and the lowest package of u-verse.

Q: What kind of equipment is needed?
A: In order to receive the service a transmitter will need to be attached to the outside of your home and a power supply is plugged in inside your home. These are provided by Sky Valley Network as part of the installation. Most customers need a router which is not provided.

Q: Do I own the equipment?
A: No. The equipment is owned by Sky Valley Network and because of that if it fails it will be repaired or replaced by Sky Valley Network if needed at no cost to you. The router however is provided by you and does belong to you.

Q: Does Sky Valley Network provide a router?
A: No. if you require a router and do not have one you must purchase one before your installation. We can answer questions you have regarding what router you need.

Q: What if I buy a router after the installation?
A: Call us before doing anything with the router. The installation software does not work with our network. We can usually walk you through setting up over the phone at no cost. Otherwise we can install onsite for a fee.

Q: Do I need any sort of special software?
A: No, our service does not require any special software. Our service will work with any computer system that understands standard networking protocols, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux as well as video game consoles like Xbox and Playstation

Q: Is there a contract?
A: No, the service is month to month and if you want to leave there is no penalty.

Q: Does the service include web hosting?
A: No, currently we offer internet access only.

Q: Is the service always connected?
A: Yes, our network is designed to be online 24x7.

Q: Do you have 24 hour tech support?
A: No, our regular business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However, we do listen to phone messages and maintain the network after business hours and we respond to support messages the following business day. If after hours support is needed we will schedule an after hours phone call ahead of time.

Q: How big is the antenna?
A: We have several different antennas all of which are under 1 foot in diameter. It is significantly smaller than a satellite dish.

Q: What kind of hardware is needed inside the home?
A: The power for the radio is provided by a twelve volt DC transformer located inside the home. This 2"x3" standard plug-in transformer can be located anywhere within 100 feet of the antenna. It is connected by an outdoor quality Cat5 cable which Sky Valley Network provides.

Q: Can I use a wireless router inside my house to connect to multiple computers?
A: Yes, Sky Valley Network does not limit the number of computers that you can use. Sky Valley Network will assist you in configuring a wireless router. Sky Valley Network does not supply a router, you will have to supply a router.

Q: I have a router from when I used Cox or At&t or satellite, can I use it on your service?
A: We will need to check the model of the router. The Cox, Att and satellite routers are often proprietary to those services and are not compatible with our service. Call or email us and we will research it.

Q: Will my VPN work with Sky Valley Network?
A: Yes, Sky Valley Network is compatible with most Virtual Private Networks. Some VPN's require a public IP address and we can accommodate for that.

Q: I have cable run in my house already, will that work for Sky Valley Network?
A: It depends what type of cable it is. Our connection requires a single CAT5e(or better) wire from the antenna outside into the house. The coaxial(TV) cable will not work for our connection. We also cannot use the existing phone connections. We will examine your cabling prior to install.

Q: Is this satellite?
A: No, it is a common misconception that wireless means satellite. We are not satellite! We use wireless transmitters that use microwaves to send and receive data through the air from our ground based transmitting stations. It is very similar to your cell phone talking to a cell tower.

Q: I currently have satellite internet, can you reuse it's wire?
A: No, satellite internet uses coaxial(tv) cable and we cannot use it.

Q: Does the service need a phone line?
A: No, our service does not require a phone line at all.

Q: Will it interfere with my tv or cell phone reception?
A: No, the frequencies we use are different than tv and cell phones, however our signal can get messed up by certain wireless devices such as cordless phones, baby monitors or wireless cameras.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: We require a minimum window of 2 hours for installation. Our average is 1 hour but every install is unique and some take longer.

Q: Will VOIP work with your service?
A: Yes, we are compatible with all types of voip(Skype, Vonage, Magic Jack, Ooma, etc.).

Q: Do you provide television and phone service also?
A: No, we provide internet access only!

Q: Is there a limit on usage like satellite and cellular hot spots?
A: No, we do not limit the amount of data you can use per billing cycle!

Q: Does this support online gaming?
A: Yes, however due to fluctuations in our system we do not guarantee smooth online gaming!

Q: Does this support online movie or show streaming such as netlflix?
A: Yes, however due to fluctuations in our system we do not guarantee smooth streaming!

Q: Does this support 4K content?
A: Yes, but it will require one of our higher plans for the speed that is necessary for 4K content viewing!